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112K E350SD 7.3L Automatic Ecoline F350 Super Duty Wagon

Buy 112K E350SD 7.3L Automatic Ecoline F350 Super Duty Wagon. The E350 Super Duty is a 6-speed automatic transmission vehicle with a hydraulic torque converter. It offers a durable 4 wheel drive system and comes equipped with many standard features including; power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, cruise control, tilt steering column, AM/FM radio, and much more!

This vehicle is equipped with an Automatic Transmission System, making driving easier than ever before.

The E350 Super duty is a great choice for those looking for a reliable truck that offers plenty of cargo space and comfort.

It’s time to hit the road with the E350 Super Duty!

Engine Size

The engine size is determined by how much power the vehicle will need to get the job done. A larger engine means more torque and horsepower, which means faster acceleration and increased range. Smaller engines have less torque and horsepower, meaning they won’t go as fast and may not be able to carry as much weight.

Transmission Type

A transmission is what sends power to the wheels. Automatic transmissions use a computer to automatically shift gears while manual transmissions require the driver to manually select each gear. Manual transmissions are generally cheaper than automatic transmissions, but automatic transmissions are easier to drive and do not require constant attention.


Braking systems work differently depending on whether the car is front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. Front-wheel drives use discs at both the front and back axles, which help slow down the vehicle. Rear-wheel drives only use discs at the back axle, which helps slow down the vehicle. Both types of braking systems are effective, however disc brakes are more expensive than drum brakes.

Suspension System

Suspension systems control the distance between the ground and the tires. There are two basic suspension system designs: independent suspensions and interconnected suspensions. Independent suspensions allow the individual wheel to move independently from one another, which makes them great for handling rough roads. Interconnected suspensions connect the wheels together, which makes them great at maintaining traction on smooth roads.

Steering Wheel

Steering wheels are attached to the steering column and turn left and right to steer the vehicle. Steering wheels can be either fixed or adjustable. Fixed steering wheels cannot be moved and are good for vehicles that don’t need frequent adjustments. Adjustable steering wheels can be moved forward and backward and are good for vehicles where drivers need to adjust their driving position frequently.


Tires are the rubber-like pieces that touch the road and provide grip. There are many different types of tires including slicks, mud terrain tires, snow tires, and racing tires. Slicks are designed for high speed and are made out of a special material that provides maximum traction. Mud terrain tires are designed for off-road use and are made of a durable tread that can handle rugged terrains. 112K E350SD 7.3L Automatic Ecoline F350 Super Duty Wagon. Racing tires are designed for high speeds and are made of a special material that enables them to withstand extreme temperatures. Snow tires are designed for winter weather and are made of a flexible tread that grips the surface even if it’s covered in ice and snow.


Wheels are the metal parts of the tire that contact the ground. There are many different sizes and styles of wheels including alloy wheels, steel wheels, and rims. Alloy wheels are made of aluminum and cast iron. Steel wheels are stronger than alloy wheels and are commonly seen on luxury cars. Rims are the circular piece around the wheel that holds the tire. Rim width refers to the space between the inside edge of the rim and the outside edge of the tire.


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