18.5×8.50-8 6PR C Power King BOAT TRAILER II LP


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18.5×8.50-8 6PR C Power King BOAT TRAILER II LP

Buy 18.5×8.50-8 6PR C Power King BOAT TRAILER II LP. Power King Boat Trailer II LP tires are designed specifically for use with Power King boat trailers. These tires are constructed using high quality materials and feature superior traction and durability. Power King Boat Trailer II LP tire features a smooth tread design with a durable nylon casing. These tires are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and meet all industry standards.

This tire is designed for use on boats, trailers, car racks, and other applications where flat tires may occur. It’s constructed using high quality materials for long lasting durability. Its tread design provides outstanding traction in wet and dry conditions. It also features reinforced sidewalls for added protection.

The Power King Boat Trailer II is a great trailer for boats and trailers. It is designed to carry boats up to 20 feet long, and it comes with a 5 year warranty. It is built to last and is made out of high quality materials. This boat trailer is perfect for people who want to take their boat camping!

LP Tire

LP stands for Low Profile, and these tires have been specifically designed to fit low profile vehicles. These tires provide excellent performance and safety while maintaining a sleek appearance.

Power King

Power King is a name given to tires that have been built to withstand heavy loads and extreme temperatures. They are designed to last longer than traditional tires.

Car Rack

Car Racks are devices attached to the roof of cars for transporting bicycles.

Flat Tires

Flat tires are tires that lose air pressure due to damage or improper maintenance. When this happens, they become ineffective and unable to support vehicle weight.

Trailing Wheel

Trailing Wheels are wheels that are mounted at the rear end of a trailer. They help stabilize the trailer and prevent it from tipping over.

Trailer Tire

Trailer tires are the tires that go on top of a boat trailer. They provide traction between the boat and the ground. Traction refers to the ability of a tire to maintain contact with the road surface. If a tire loses contact with the road, it may spin out and cause damage to both the vehicle and the trailer.


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